Introduction to Gender Affirmative Practice for
Professionals Supporting Trans and Gender Diverse People

This workshop aims to assist therapists to develop basic cultural competence in working with trans and gender diverse people. Participants will gain an understanding of the nature of gender identity, an increased awareness of the impacts of marginalisation and stigmatisation, as well as develop clinical skills towards building confidence in working with transgender and other gender diverse people.

About The Presenter

Catherine Wilson (they/them) is a Clinical Psychologist who has recently moved from Sydney to Lismore.  In Sydney they worked for over a decade at Uplift Psychological Services, a bulk-bill private practice, and at the Sacred Heart Bereavement Counselling Service at St Vincent’s Hospital. In these contexts they did largely clinical work, but also provided supervision and education. The majority of their private practice work has been with people of transgender and other gender diverse and LGBTQIA+ experiences. Catherine is a member of ACPA and AusPATH.


Gender 101

TGD experiences

  • Thriving
  • Rates of mental health issues
  • Minority Stress Model
  • DSM
  • Developmental considerations

Working with people

  • Gender Affirmative Model of therapy
  • APS tip sheet
  • Gender affirmation processes
  • Gender affirmative workplace checklist

Watch Now


$150 AUD
Includes 60 day recording access


9:30am - 1pm AEDT
Part 1: Tuesday 1st November 2022
Part 2: Tuesday 8th November 2022

Catherine Wilson Head Shot

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