Terms and Conditions

On registration for an event organised by Hummingbird Centre, you accept the following Terms and Conditions.

The Hummingbird Centre workshops and training events are defined as a meeting at which a group of people engage in activity on a particular subject or project with the intention of gaining knowledge, skills or techniques. The Hummingbird Centre workshop delivery can include but are not limited to: demonstrations, session recordings, audience questions, practice exercises, lecture, video presentations, discussion and experiential demonstrations. Each workshop and training event is unique with content and presentation primarily determined by the presenter. Should you require further details on a particular workshop please feel free to contact us.

Attendees are responsible for the information chosen to share or withhold to others within the events.  Given the content often discussed at these training events and workshops, attendees are advised that the content may be triggering. These trainings and workshops are not an opportunity for therapeutic treatment and mental health care and attendees at any of our training or workshop events are responsible for seeking their own mental and physical health as required. 

All views, opinions and comments expressed by a presenter at a Hummingbird Centre workshop or training event do not reflect the views, policies or beliefs of The Hummingbird Centre, its officers, employees or agents. Any such views, opinions and comments expressed by the presenter are solely those of the presenter alone.

Bookings and Registration

The Hummingbird Centre workshops are primarily intended for mental health professionals; however, we also run training and workshops specifically designed for community members such as parents and carers. Attendees are responsible for determining the appropriateness of this event in meeting their needs. Unless explicitly stated, this content is restricted to people over 18 years old. The Hummingbird Centre makes no assurances in relation to the allocation of seating at events, whether for individuals or groups.

Attendees are responsible for and shall bear any costs associated with attendance at an event including any travel and accommodation costs. Registrations are processed according to the advertised cost and conditions, and is not complete until registration information is received, and payment has been processed. Registrations are limited, and The Hummingbird Centre may accept or reject any registration without giving any reason. Unauthorised resale or copying of tickets will immediately void any rights associated with tickets without compensation.

A tax receipt and confirmation of the attendee’s registration will be issued via email to a nominated email address within 7 days of receipt of payment. Tax receipts will be made out to the attendee unless otherwise stated. The attendee is responsible for supplying clear and correct information to enable the registration to be processed. The attendee agrees to contact The Hummingbird Centre if they have not received notice or a receipt within 7 days of payment. Requests for copies of tax invoices/receipts after this 7-day period will incur an administration fee of $99. Changes made for the attendee or additional actions required of The Hummingbird Centre to process a registration may incur an administration fee.

In the event that your behaviour is considered, in our opinion, to be unacceptable, we may direct you to leave the event without refund.

Certificates of Attendance

The Hummingbird Centre provides a Certificate of Attendance for face to face workshops and training events to professionals for their records. These Certificates indicate only that the recipient attended the workshop or training event. If the attendee registers within 14 days prior to the date of the workshop or event, The Hummingbird Centre cannot guarantee that you will be provided with a hard copy certificate. In this event, we will provide a digital Certificate of Attendance in pdf format. Requests for copies of a Certificate of Attendance after the workshop will incur an administration fee. Certificates of Attendance are not provided for online events.


Request for transfer of registration must be received in writing at least 7 days prior to the event. The Hummingbird Centre reserves its rights to refuse a transfer of registration, at its sole discretion. The cost of a transfer of registration in all circumstances, is subject to a $99 administration fee payable to The Hummingbird Centre.


In the event of a cancellation of any registration by an attendee, a charge of $99 payable to The Hummingbird Centre will apply for cancellations received in writing at least 30 days prior to the event the registration relates to. The remainder of the registration will be refunded to the attendee by The Hummingbird Centre within 14 days. No refunds can be offered under any circumstances for cancellations made within 30 days of the event.

In the event of a cancellation of a workshop or training event by The Hummingbird Centre, a full refund will be made of any registration fee paid by an attendee. The Hummingbird Centre will not be responsible for any cost other than any payment made by the attendee for workshop or training event registration.

Changes to Events

The Hummingbird Centre reserves the right to make any changes to any events, programs or workshops without notice. This includes changes to the scheduled date of the event, the venue of the event as well as the substitution of an alternative presenter if the advertised presenter is not available.

If a workshop or training event presenter is unable to present a workshop or training event as advertised, The Hummingbird Centre reserves the right to substitute another experienced presenter to present the workshop or training event.

In the event of any changes, The Hummingbird Centre will attempt to contact the attendee at the earliest opportunity using the contact information supplied by the attendee at the time of booking. It is the attendee’s responsibility to ensure that contact details are accurate and to regularly check The Hummingbird Centre website for any notification of changes.

Associations and Affiliations

The Hummingbird Centre is an independent organisation. Unless explicitly stated, The Hummingbird Centre is not affiliated with any associations, organisations or accreditation bodies and attendance at our events does not award any professional qualification or accreditation.


We will attempt to resolve any complaint or dispute with you as quickly as possible. Any complaints or disputes regarding fees or events must be made in writing within 30 days of the payment or the event. You may raise a complaint or dispute by sending an email to us at: events@hummingbirdcentre.com.au


To the extent permitted by law, neither The Hummingbird Centre nor any of its officers, employees or agents accept any liability in contract, tort or otherwise for any claim or loss (including consequential loss), including for delay, disappointment, additional cost or expense which may arise from or in relation to these Terms.

Attendance at The Hummingbird Centre training and workshops does not make any claim as to individual competency in the clinical application of any techniques or interventions presented. The Hummingbird Centre accepts no responsibility for loss occasioned to any persons acting on or refraining from acting in relation to the clinical application of any techniques or procedures presented at any of our workshops or training events.

Attendee’s use these services at their own discretion and accept responsibility and liability for any disputes which arise from any action or omission in relation to your use of these services. Under no circumstances shall The Hummingbird Centre be liable for any loss of profits or opportunities or other direct or indirect, incidental, special or consequential or exemplary damages.

Nothing in these Terms is intended to exclude, restrict or limit any rights an individual may have under the Australian Consumer Law, whether applied as a law of the Commonwealth of Australia or New South Wales.

Marketing and Recording

By registering for an Event, you consent to receiving communications from us regarding our services and future events.

Audio and video recording, including taking of photos (by still camera and camera phones) at The Hummingbird Centre workshop and training events is strictly prohibited.

The Hummingbird Centre reserves the right to take photographs and record video and/or audio at our workshop and training events for future promotional and archival use. If you do not wish to be included in any such material, please advise The Hummingbird Centre in writing prior to the event. The Hummingbird Centre will ensure, to the best of our ability, not capture or publicly display any such media containing anything that would identify you.

Page Last Updated: 10 November 2020