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At The Hummingbird Centre we endeavour to provide you with an experience that is empowering. One important element of therapy involves helping you to understand the causes of your problems and to learn tools and strategies to change. Another important element is forming a warm and respectful relationship with a therapist. This can provide a space away from the everyday pressures of your life in which to explore and understand yourself, and to gain new perspectives and vantage points on your life. 

We offer warm compassionate client-based therapies with a strong evidence base to meet the individual needs of our clients. We welcome children and adults.

Psychological Services 

Our psychologists at The Hummingbird Centre can offer the following services including, but are not limited to:

Reasons Why Therapy Can Be Helpful

Many people think that therapy is something that is only for people who are facing a crisis or major mental health difficulties. While it is true that therapy can be very effective in assisting people to cope with crises and improve mental health, there are other ways that therapy can be helpful. These include:

21 ways
  1. To learn about or understand themselves, others, or situations better
  2. To work through problems
  3. To work on relationships with family, friends, partners, colleagues, or others
  4. To adjust to change
  5. To be seen and heard
  6. To get an alternative perspective
  7. To optimise health (mental, physical) and wellbeing
  8. To gain insight
  9. To learn how to set boundaries
  10. To assist with decision making or problem solving skills
  11. To process life events
  12. To learn how to deal with one’s own and/or others’ emotions
  13. To understand how to support others who are experiencing difficulties
  14. To work on parenting with a non-judgemental stance
  15. To change unhelpful patterns or habits
  16. To speak to someone objective
  17. To improve their ability to cope
  18. To improve motivation
  19. To identify and work on plans, goals and aspirations
  20. To talk to someone knowing that their discussions will be kept private
  21. To get support to navigate major life transitions

Our clinicians at The Hummingbird Centre are skilled and experienced in assisting people to identify and address depression and improve their quality of life.

Page Last Updated: 14 March 2024