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Directed by local Psychologists Dr Rickie Elliott and Alikki Russell, The Hummingbird Centre is a multi-disciplinary team, comprised of Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Mental Health Accredited Social Workers, Occupational Therapy, Psychiatrist, and Administrative Support staff who help adults, children, teenagers and families to create positive changes in their lives.

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Trainings & Workshops

We co-ordinate and provide professional development opportunities for clinicians to encourage collaboration and support, as well as run programs for clients and their families.

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Our Mission

The Mission of The Hummingbird Centre is to create a supportive, collaborative and growth-oriented team environment from which our team of compassionate and dedicated clinicians are empowered to provide high quality mental health assessment, treatment, support and training to our clients, professionals and the community. We aim to continue to find evidence-based yet innovative ways to provide exceptional levels of service to our clients and professionals. We value connection, growth, fun, innovation, safety and contribution.

In ancient cultures, the hummingbird represents courage, joy, love, present moment awareness, endurance, infinite possibilities, and healing from negativity. This unique bird reminds us to let our true colours shine and that life’s sweetest nectar comes from within.

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