Tech Addiction Free Webinar

Gaming and screen time is often at the forefront of a modern parent's mind. Knowing the many opportunities that technology provides, it can be difficult to balance the benefits with some of the risks. Excessive gaming and screen time is a concern that offers simmers at the surface for many when kids are accessing their devices. For many Australian families, they face an ongoing struggle of getting children and teens off their devices. This session will aim to help parents understand why some young people can find it hard to get off their games, and explore some of the psychological tricks that game developers use to maintain player engagement. We'll explore common questions that parents have about screen time, including why kids love watching other kids play games on YouTube. We will look into the red flags that parents can look out for if children are having problems with excessive gaming, and discuss practical strategies for managing device use at home. We will also touch on social media and cyber safety, and provide parents with additional resources to follow-up with after the session. 


Recorded September 2020



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About the Presenter


Jordan Foster is formally recognised as one of Australia’s foremost cyber safety experts, and was the winner of the 2020 Telstra Women in Business Emerging Leader Award and the 2018 WA Young Achiever Award. As the founder of ySafe, Jordan’s dedication to the field of cyber safety resulted in the creation of what is now Australia’s leading cyber safety educators. The innovative company has reached over half a million Australians in hundreds of schools across the country, and has extended its team into Indonesia and the United States.

Jordan by background is a Clinical Psychologist, and founded ySafe after she identified the dire need for cyber safety education while working with children and teenager in therapy. Having become known in the medical field for specialising in technology and child development, Jordan extended her clinical expertise to working with children and adolescents managing problematic technology use, including cyber bullying, image-based abuse, and Internet Gaming Addiction.

Travelling nationally, Jordan is sought after e-safety advisor who provides consultation to schools throughout Australia, consults with medical and mental health consortiums, and has presents as a key note speaker on the topic of cyber safety. Jordan also sits as a trusted expert for Facebook and Instagram as part of their exclusive Community of Practice group.

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