Emotion Coaching Training

Training in emotion coaching specifically designed for adults working with children and young people in education and community settings.

Emotion coaching in education settings is a professional practice approach for adults working with children to:

  • develop nurturing and emotionally supportive relationships;
  • promote development of emotional and behavioural regulation;
  • support problem solving, resilience and wellbeing.

Based on research by American Psychologist John Gottman, and incorporating science behind emotional and behavioural experiences and regulation and the role of key adults in supporting this.

This training is for adults working in education and community settings and provides participants with theory, research and practice of emotion coaching for professionals. 
Participants will be prepared to begin practicing emotion coaching in their setting.

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Deborah Costa

Deb Costa

Educator / Training Provider


Deborah is experienced in designing and delivering professional learning packages for health and education professionals.

  • Emotion Coaching in education settings Practitioner Trainer
  • Member of the International Association of Trauma Professionals
  • Australian Childhood Foundation Trauma Recovery Team supporter and guest blogger
  • Author of 'REWIRE' (a systematic adaptable school-based model for supporting traumatised students strategically,  safely and successfully)

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Page Last Updated: 27 September 2021