ADOS 2 Training
August 2023

Join us in completing supported self-training in the assessment of ASD using the Autism Diagnostic Observation System version 2 (ADOS-2) DVD training package (WPS) with Clinical Psychologist Nimra Bilgrami from the  The Hummingbird Centre.

The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule - Second Edition (ADOS-2) is a semi-structured, standardised assessment of communication, social interaction, play, and restricted and repetitive behaviours. By observing and coding these behaviours, clinicians can obtain information that informs diagnosis, intervention, treatment planning, and educational placement.

The ADOS-2 includes five modules, each requiring between 40-60 minutes to administer. The individual being evaluated is given only one module, selected on the basis of his or her expressive language level and chronological age:

  1. Toddler Module-for children between 12 and 30 months of age who do not consistently use phrase speech
  2. Module 1-for children 31 months and older who do not consistently use phrase speech
  3. Module 2-for children of any age who use phrase speech but are not verbally fluent
  4. Module 3-for verbally fluent children and young adolescents
  5. Module 4-for verbally fluent older adolescents and adults

The ADOS-2 requires formal and specific training. This workshop is the DVD and guide-book training which covers all 5 modules, featuring case examples for all modules.

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Day 1 Wednesday 9th August,
Day 2 Thursday 10th August,
Day 3 Friday 11th August.


Vivid Room (Level 1)
309 King St
Newcastle West
Paid parking available on site

The format of the 3 day training: 

DAY 1: 9am - 5pm
Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), its holistic assessment and the ADOS-2 Assessment. Differential Diagnoses and updates on ASD will be discussed. Guest speakers include Occupational Therapist Wendy Noble and Speech Pathologist Emma Johnston from HNE Health.
DAY 2: 9am - 5pm
Use the ADOS-2 DVD training series to practice scoring and scoring reviews.
DAY 3: 9am - 5pm
Practice using the ADOS-2 items, and guided real-life assessment practice with children.
Completion of the additional Toddler module (watching the DVD, and practice coding).


We recommend reading the ADOS-2 manual before commencing this course. The manual is included when you purchase your own ADOS-2 kit. The ADOS-2 kit is NOT included in our registration costs and must be purchased separately in order to conduct assessments after the training. You do not need to bring your own kit to the training.

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Suitable for Registered Psychologists, Pediatricians, and Social Workers working within a multi-disciplinary team.

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