Maximising Client Stability & Regulation
with Shirley Hicks

Practical Strategies for Maximising Client Stability and Regulation both in and outside the consultation room.

This webinar is suitable for all clinicians and therapists.

In this one-hour webinar, Shirley will provide a range of easy and accessible body based techniques to assist both clinician and client to:

  1. Work in a present moment framework with curiosity and mindfulness.
  2. Utilise the principles of clinician embodiment as a regulating mechanism for clients who may be highly anxious, depressed or dissociative.
  3. Explore and understand the impact of simple yet powerful regulating techniques incorporating movement and breath.

This is the perfect webinar if you’re finding it challenging to keep clients on track and for working with highly dysregulated clients.  By introducing these practices in the session there is a greater possibility that clients will embrace and start to use these strategies outside the session as well.




Recorded 29th July, 2020
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Presenter: Shirley Hicks

Shirley Hicks is a practising somatic psychotherapist and yoga teacher, with a private clinic based at Varsity Lakes. Shirley has a curiosity in how the body carries unresolved life events and how through “talk therapies” the body is often missed. With over 25 years clinical experience she has refined the way in which she supports clients to involve their body in the healing process, drawing on the work of Judith Herman, Babette Rothschild, Ruella Frank, Peter Levine and Bessel van der Kolk.

Shirley is also a facilitator with the BlueKnot Foundation, an organisation committed to advocacy and education for survivors of Childhood abuse. Shirley has worked extensively in the mental health sector as well as running private, in house Yoga for Emotional Resilience programs, incorporating the principles of trauma sensitive yoga within a frame of curiosity, present moment awareness and a good measure of humour and compassion.

 She established Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia with Annabel McLisky in 2012 and is committed to raising the awareness and clinical skills of mental health clinicians in their work with trauma survivors. This organisation is also committed to raising the teaching standards of Australian Yoga teachers so that they offer their programs within a trauma informed frame. She is a clinical member of PACFA( Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia) , as well as a Mental Health Practitioner and Supervisor with PACFA.

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