Advanced Beginner Neurofeedback Skills
with Mary Ammerman

ANFI and The Hummingbird Centre are pleased to offer this follow-up to the accredited Introductory 4-day Neurofeedback in Clinical Practice course. For six consecutive Thursdays -starting on 21st July from 8 am to 9.30 am (AEST)-, participants will review and elaborate upon key points of the introductory training, with an emphasis on real-world application of the concepts.

This course is designed to increase your confidence as a neurofeedback provider in the following areas:

  • Selecting appropriate training protocols based on the combination of client symptoms, life history, and EEG data.
  • Correctly locating 10-20 sites.
  • Understanding the basic facts about brain functioning that every neurofeedback provider should know.
  • Explaining neurofeedback to clients in simple language.
  • Helping clients formulate realistic goals for themselves and relating how neurofeedback training can help them accomplish those goals.
  • Understanding how the EEG data on the therapist screen reflects your clients' inner experiences as they train.
  • Identifying when and how you should adjust protocols based on your clients' responses to training.
  • Effective coaching strategies that help your clients engage with and benefit from their training.
  • Reviewing your clients' progress during training sessions and explaining that to them.

About the presenter:

Mary A

Mary Ammerman was born in Nashville, TN, and raised in the foothills of NorthCarolina. She earned her bachelor's degrees in English and Psychology fromUNC-Chapel Hill and her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from PepperdineUniversity. Before moving to Asheville, NC, she worked in various mental healthtreatment settings including juvenile detention centers, veterans' hospitals, andcommunity counseling centers, as well as conducting in-home parenting training.

Currently, she enjoys her work as Vice President of the Institute for AppliedNeuroscience where she spends her time providing psychotherapy andneurofeedback training to individual clients, teaching neurofeedback courses,supervising psychology trainees, and mentoring new neurofeedback providersinternationally.
She values the gift of human consciousness (her own and others')and intends to make the most of it while she has it. This includes dancingwhenever possible.

Who should attend?

Professionals who took the accredited Introductory, 4-day Neurofeedback in Clinical Practice course.

BCIA-A accredited training are approved continuing professional development opportunities for health care professionals from arange of fields including, but not limited to, psychology, nursing, physiotherapy, dentistry, osteopathy, occupational therapy,chiropractic, social work, speech pathology, or medicine.





Thursdays 8am - 9:30am AEST

Week 1: 21st July, 2022 
Week 2: 28th July
Week 3: 4th August
Week 4: 11th August
Week 5: 18th August
Week 6: 25th August


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