Mums & Bubs Get Wet
For Wellbeing

Vicki Mansfield from The Hummingbird Centre has been working with First Splashes Swim School  to provide training to swim teachers in preparation  for  the Get Wet for Wellbeing Swim Program being offered from February, 2021.

We know from working with many families that the first year after birth is an incredible time of change and can be a time of joy and stress all at once. This program is designed to support Mum's physical and emotional well being.  Getting in the water is wonderful post birth exercise for Mums and these classes also offer an opportunity to connect with your baby in a supportive environment where you can enjoy each other and exploring the water together.

The classes meet all Austswim guidelines and are enhanced to promote responsive and connected interactions between parent and bub in class. We also know bubs brain are very sensitive to experiences at this age and they develop best when they feel secure with their parent. Bubs  are learning via their bodily senses and by feeling safe with their parent in this new experience. So Hummingbird Centre & First Splashes Swim school has created  a unique opportunity for Mums and Bubs to have connection, fun and learn water familiarisation all in one place. 

Australia is largely a coastal country and water activities are such an integral part of our lives. So these early opportunities are fantastic way for families to the share joy of exploring bubs first experience in the water.

The program is also aiming to support parents to meet other new parents  in their community. After swim class, parents will be  invited to "Tea & Coffee Catch Up". These will be facilitated by Vicki Mansfield from Hummingbird Centre and be an opportunity for support and questions about general infant development, responsive parenting and parent well being in early years.  

Further enquiries can be made at: First Splashes swim school (02 4959 9229) or The Hummingbird Centre (02 49460919).

Get Wet for Wellbeing 2021 Video

Mums and Bubs Swim


Classes commence Monday 2st February 2021, for 10 weeks.
Classes are 1hr 20 minutes (30 mins in the pool plus 50 mins education and morning tea)


FREE! Places limited.

Suitable for:

Mums with babies aged 4 months - 12 months.

How to book

Please call The Hummingbird Centre to register your interest 0249460919.


1 Carleton Street
Toronto NSW
02 4959 9229

Page Last Updated: 31 May 2021