Building New Pathways for Professionals

Practical Strategies to Support Children who have experienced Developmental Trauma

This training is designed for Professionals who need to support children and adolescents who have experienced early developmental trauma. This full day of training will explore trauma and brain development, practical strategies for complex behaviours, and relationship-based strategies for improving connections with children, including:

  • Understanding the impact of trauma on brain development and “Building New Pathways” – nervous system repair strategies based on the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT – Bruce Perry);
  • Explore the common behaviours that we might see as a result of compromised brain development;
  • Develop a new understanding of a child’s behaviour through The Window of Tolerance and the trauma lens for trauma-based symptoms and explore practical strategies to be used to prevent challenging behaviour;
  • Trauma-informed response strategies for common difficulties and behaviours such as anxiety, defiance, emotional outbursts, hyperactivity, sleep problems and aggressive behaviour.
  • How to develop therapeutic relationships with children and adolescents who have experienced early attachment ruptures;
  • Strategies to create safe and therapeutic environments for traumatised children and adolescents.


Psychologist Phil Bird has a particular interest in helping people who have experienced trauma and recovering from early childhood trauma and attachment difficulties. Phil developed the Building New Pathways program to share with other professionals how a child's mind may be working differently due to the child's experiences and challenges they have faced.

Phil Bird


Phil Bird can conduct this training:

  • As a Hummingbird Event (Next date late 2021, or 2022)
  • For a private group
  • For individuals
  • Buy recording

Digital Resource Kit

For participants who have previously attended one of Phil's trainings, the Building New Pathways digital resource kit is available for purchase, $15AUD for a single print licence, click PayPal's Buy Now button to proceed.

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This training is also offered to PARENTS AND CARERS in a slightly different format, view the event details here.


Phil Bird talking about what you can expect from the Building New Pathways training:

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