Coercive Control:
Uncovering the Hidden Trauma

In this engaging two-part webinar series, Dr. Emma Katz, a renowned expert in the field of coercive control, will take participants on an exploration of this critical subject. Throughout the course, you will:

  • Gain profound insights into the intricacies of coercive control
  • Uncover the motivations and behaviour patterns of perpetrators
  • Examine how coercive controllers disrupt the dynamics of families
  • Understand the far-reaching impacts of coercive control on victims and survivors
  • Explore the roles of perpetrators as abusive parents
  • Empathise with victims-survivors as they navigate constrained parenthood
  • Empower victims-survivors by recognising and supporting their protective efforts
  • Recognise the dual role of children as both co-victims and co-survivors
  • Delve into the distorted world experienced by children under the shadow of coercive control
  • Address the unique needs of adults who endured parental coercive control during childhood
  • Investigate the dynamics of post-separation abuse
  • Understand the trauma of betrayal resulting from inadequate responses by systems and professionals
  • Develop effective strategies for responding to coercive control victim-survivors
  • Learn how to provide support to victim-survivors as they embark on their healing journeys

Join us for this illuminating training series, where you will not only gain a comprehensive understanding of coercive control but also acquire the tools and knowledge to support those on their path to recovery. 


$95 AUD
Includes 90-day on-demand streaming


Postponed to late 2024. Dates to be confirmed.

About Dr Emma Katz

Emma is one of the world's most recognised researchers and speakers on coercive control. She is a published author and Associate Professor in Sociology at Durham University, England, and regularly speaks on the subject to professional and public audiences worldwide.

Author of the book Coercive Control in Children’s and Mothers’ Lives (Oxford University Press, 2022), and the blog Decoding Coercive Control with Dr Emma Katz (2022–23). Emma is a researcher in domestic violence and coercive control, whose work has influenced legislation and professional practice in the UK and globally. Her book Coercive Control in Children’s and Mothers’ Lives (2022, Oxford University Press) is influential and acclaimed, as is her expert academic blog Decoding Coercive Control with Dr Emma Katz which is read by thousands of subscribers around the world.

Emma’s research has illuminated children’s experiences of coercive control, which previously had been largely invisible. She argues that children are affected by many forms of abuse inherent to coercive control, including imprisonment, deprivation of resources, constrained behaviour and isolation from the outside world. Her research has been described as ‘pioneering work’ that ‘will change how we understand and respond to children’s experience of domestic abuse’ (Evan Stark, Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University).

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