Dr Kumudu Rathnayaka has been working with The Hummingbird Centre team since 2019.

Kumudu is a senior Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist working across different service settings including both public and private sectors. Kumudu did her primary medical degree in Sri Lanka, specialising in Psychiatry and has been working in Australia since 2005.

Kumudu is available to existing clients of The Hummingbird Centre for short-term care.


How can I make an appointment with Dr Rathnayaka?

Dr Rathnayaka's books are closed to new clients (as of 2020).

How do I get my child’s next script?

Please note we need at least 7 days notice before a script is due to expire or repeats have run out. It is the parents responsibility to ensure their scripts are up to date. If you contact the centre within this time frame we will pass the request onto Dr Hodge who will determine if it is appropriate to write another script. Please note you may need to attend the clinic for a follow up appointment before Dr Hodge is able to write the script so please allow enough time to get an appointment with Dr Hodge or book your appointments in advance.

If Dr Hodge writes a new script we will contact you to come collect the script from our Broadmeadow Clinic within business hours. We can post scripts however, posting scripts will incur a $25 fee as they need to be posted registered express post. When you call please note, what script your child needs, when it will run out, what dosage your child is taking and the pharmacy the script will be filled.

What should I do if run out of my script?

As we are not an emergency service we are unable to provide emergency scripts. If it is an emergency you will need to present to your local hospital who are able to write a short term script if appropriate.

Page Last Updated: 01 June 2021