Rainbow Kids and Family Yoga

The physical, psychological and spiritual health benefits of yoga for adults have been well known for many years, but did you known that yoga-based practices can also have far reaching benefits for children?

Yoga can be a great remedy for the tension associated with daily stressors, such as academic, family and social pressures, which can easily lead children to become overly self-critical, lose confidence and experience difficulty regulating their emotions. Yoga is a fun way for children to develop a variety of important skills in a nurturing, non-competitive environment that is free from judgement.

This course is highly interactive and incorporates stories, songs, games, poses, mindfulness activities and guided lessons, as a range of different topics are explored – such as, friendship, trust, communication, emotions, creativity, self-esteem, body image, working together, and family. Sessions will promote relaxation and fun whilst developing strength, coordination, flexibility and balance, as well as increasing body awareness, concentration, self-esteem, emotional intelligence and social skills.

While the majority of sessions will be structured for children to participate independently from their caregivers, there will also be opportunities throughout the term for parents and caregivers to come along and join in the fun.