1 on 1 Yoga for Postnatal Depression and Depletion

Every birth is unique and so is every postpartum experience, therefore a yoga therapy appointment takes place in a private one to one setting.

The sessions will be personalised specifically for you, according to your state of mind, physical body and ailments. It empowers you with tools that will help you to reconnect with yourself, your new body and the relationship with your baby.

Becoming of a mother doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a transformation that takes years. To support you through the difficulties of transition into motherhood and beyond,  we will develop a self-care program that you can apply at home.

The holistic approach of Yoga Therapy uses a combination of Eastern and Western approaches including movement, breathing techniques, mantra, and relaxation methods to improve overall wellbeing. 


Please call 02 4946 0919 to book, or send an enquiry from our contact page