Parent Chatter - Waiver

For confidentiality, is important to be in a private, quiet room on my own (or with my baby) throughout the sessions without other family members or friends being present.

The Hummingbird Centre takes reasonable measures to mitigate the security risks associated with online conferencing; however, to provide greater assurance, we strongly recommend that you use up-to-date antivirus software.

If you do not wish to disclose your personal identity to other participants in the group activity you are welcome to use a different alias when logging in.

You are not registered for this workshop until you have completed registration and payment has been processed. All payments for this group are processed via our online payment gateway and will present in your bank statement as a payment to The Hummingbird Centre. If you are unable to attend this group on the day, we will credit you towards one of our future groups.

By registering for the Parent Chatter group, I agree:

  • To respect other participants and the presenter;
  • That this is an educational and wellbeing support group and I will seek my own mental health support as needed;
  • That it is not permissible to record any video or audio. Similarly, no recordings of any sessions will be made by the group facilitator without your prior knowledge and written consent;
  • To the Hummingbird Centre sending me reminders and marketing via SMS and email;

In consenting to participate in group video conferencing services through the Hummingbird Centre, you acknowledge these risks and consent to participate on this basis.

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