Mums & Bubs Get Wet
For Wellbeing

The Hummingbird Centre wants to improve the emotional wellbeing of new parents and their babies, by providing free baby swim classes that focus on improving parent and baby wellbeing, bonding, community engagement and social support. 

These tailored learn-to-swim classes will cover all AUS swim curriculum by AUS swim instructors, however, these instructors have also completed training by the Hummingbird mental health clinicians, to also focus on providing a safe supportive environment to discuss and develop wellbeing and social connection. The benefits of strong mother-baby relational connection on infant emotional, social and cognitive development is huge and the instructors in this swim class are trained by infant clinicians to support connection and bonding to the infant, providing both positive experiences for babies within the lesson and also with longer-term benefits on their development.

Following the 30-minute swim lesson, the parent and baby’s emotional well-being, community and social connection is further addressed by coffee and an education session run by Hummingbird Mental Health Accredited Social Worker, Vicki Mansfield. In her down to earth and supportive approach, Vicki will provide weekly education and practical sessions to parents and babies on mental health, play ideas that support connection and development and more.

Swim classes are free and run over a 10 week block for 1 hour and 20 mins (30 minute swim class, followed by change and morning tea and education session).

Classes commence Term 4 2020.

Further enquiries can be made at: First Splashes swim school (02 4959 9229) or The Hummingbird Centre (02 49460919).


Classes commence Term 1 2021, for 10 weeks.
Classes are 1hr 20 minutes (30 mins in the pool plus 50 mins education and morning tea)


FREE! Places limited.

Suitable for:

Mums with babies aged 4 months - 12 months.


1 Carleton Street
Toronto NSW
02 4959 9229